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Total Electors by District for APR 1, 2021 Official Register of Electors - 23,609

Electoral District  Totals
West Bay West

Sir John A Cumber Primary  School 

36 Fountain Rd, West Bay

WBW 1,267
West Bay North

First Assembly of God Church Hall

100 Finch Drive, West Bay

WBN 1,312
West Bay Central

The Church of God

108 Capt. Reginald Parsons Dr.

WBC 1,181
West Bay South

John Gray Memorial United Church Hall

26 West Church Street, West Bay

WBS 1,537
George Town North

George Town Primary School         

179 School Rd, George Town

GTN 1,297
George Town Central

Constitutional Hall                           

43 Fort St, George Town

GTC 1,404
George Town West 

Cayman Prep School                         

242 Smith Road, George Town

GTW 1,285
George Town South

John Gray High School                   

73 Academy Way, George Town

GTS 1,335
George Town East

First Baptist Church Hall

920A Crew Rd, George Town

GTE 1,459
Red Bay

Red Bay Primary School                   

271 Shamrock Rd, George Town

RED 1,320

Prospect Primary School        

169 Poindexter Rd, George Town

PRO 1,340

International College of the Cayman Islands

595 Hirst Rd, Bodden Town

NEW 1,487

Savannah Primary School

1659 Shamrock Rd, Bodden Town

SAV 1,466
Bodden Town West

Agricultural Grounds Pavilion

199 Lottery Rd, Bodden Town

BTW 1,591
Bodden Town East 

Theoline L McCoy Primary School

64 Condor Rd, Bodden Town

BTE 1,664
North Side 

Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre

923 North Side Rd

NS 836
East End

William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre   

80 John McClean Dr

EE 769
Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman

West End Primary School

10 Cotton Tree Bay Rd,Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac East

Creek Primary School

28 Student Dr

CBE 477