Updated 9 OCT 2019 pursuant to the Referendum (People Initiated Referendum Regarding the Port) Bill 2019. (*Subject to Change until the bill becomes Law)


In the Cayman Islands, if you are a registered elector, there are three different ways you can vote:

a)    In person at a polling station -

o    Polling stations will be open on Referendum Day in each of the 19 single member Electoral Districts.
o    Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be notified when the polling station list for the 2019 Referendum is finalized. 

b)    By Postal Ballot

o    If you are off-island for any reason whatsoever you may apply for a postal ballot using Form B.  Postal ballots will only be issued after the publication of Referendum day.


c)    By Mobile Voting.

o    If you are located in the Cayman Islands but you are unable to physically attend the polls on poling day, you may apply for mobile voting using Form C.  Elections Office polling staff will visit you in person, or you will be able to vote before polling day at an early voting station.
o    Days for mobile and early voting will be published nearer to the Referendum day.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be notified when mobile and early voting dates are announced.