1. All election officials, permanent or temporary, and any other person delegated by the Elections Office to act on its behalf shall subscribe and adhere strictly to this Code of Conduct.

2. All election officials shall:

a) Adhere strictly to all existing laws governing the conduct of elections in the Cayman Islands;

b) Maintain an atmosphere of fairness, neutrality, and decorum throughout the electoral process;

c) Refrain from improper use or unauthorized release of information obtained in the course of their official duty with the Elections Office;

d) Not show or do anything that demonstrates a bias or preference for any political party or candidate in the discharge of their election duties;

e) Refrain from social media posting, “likes” or other public display of a bias or preference for any political party or candidate in the discharge of their election duties;

f) Not do anything that may influence voters and make them to vote for or against any candidate, or political party, and shall not wear or display any sign, emblem or slogan on their clothing that is

connected to any candidate or political party;

g) Not bring to their duty post any alcoholic beverage or use alcohol or illicit drugs in the course of their duty;


3. To ensure operational integrity, all election officials are required to:

a) Subscribe to this Code of Conduct for Election Officials;

b) Comply with Laws, process and procedure guidelines for elections;

c) Manage and handle all electoral materials and equipment (sensitive and non-sensitive) in accordance with approved procedures, and ensure they are in the correct quantities and standards;

d) Avail people living with disability any assistance or support which the guidelines and Elections Act allows;

e) While conducting Elections Office Duties in the public, should wear a uniform shirts and photo identity at all times;

f) Not engage in any other duty or assignment likely to conflict with election duty; and

g) Not hold unauthorized meetings or consultations or maintain any unauthorized relations with political parties, officials, candidates or agents.


4. All election officials and electoral personnel shall:

a) Adhere strictly to all existing laws governing Anti-Corruption and Conduct in the Cayman Islands;

b) Adhere strictly to the requirements of confidentiality, and disclose confidential information only to those authorized to receive it;

c) Clearly demonstrate impartiality and fairness to all voters, political parties, candidates and their representatives, and all stakeholders;

d) Conduct their duties with professional courtesy and decorum;

e) Shun the pursuit of personal gain in the conduct of their duties and declare any conflict of interest, where this exists by making a declaration in writing;

f) Avoid partisanship and conduct that may indicate preference of one party or candidate over another;

g) Not attempt to discover the intention or choice of a voter, and be obliged to report any persons found to be doing so to the appropriate officials.


5. All election officials may be entitled to:

a) Receive the approved course of training before being deployed for an election;

b) Receive Honorarium and other allowances in accordance with the current approved rates;


6. All election officials are subject to the electoral offences contained in the Electoral Act (2021) , which include but not limited to:

a) Announcing and publishing an election result knowing the same to be false;

b) Any returning officer or collation officer who delivers or causes to be delivered a false return on election, or votes scored, knowing the same to be false;

c) Any person who delivers or causes to be delivered a false media certificate of return knowing the same to be false to any social news media website or candidate;

d) Unlawful sale or use of election material;

e) Making false or misleading statements:

f) Withholding information unlawfully, and preventing a valid voter from voting;

g) Impersonation;

h) False representation;

i) Inducement;

j) Incitement.


Election Staff Code of Conduct