Governor’s Statement on Cruise Port Petition Verification

20 June 2019


Issued by: Governor’s Office

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His Excellency The Governor, Martyn Roper OBE has issued the following statement concerning the process to verify the signatures on the cruise port petition:


 “I am aware of the concerns that have been expressed about the comprehensive process being followed to verify the signatures on the petition which was presented to the Elections Commissioner by Cruise Port Referendum Cayman (CPR Cayman).  I can assure everyone that Cabinet has no role whatsoever in the verification process, which remains the sole responsibility of Mr Howell, who reports to me and in whom I have full confidence.  This is the first time in Cayman’s history that we have been on the verge of a People’s Initiated Referendum.  We need to ensure that we get the process right.  There can be no shortcuts to democracy. To provide clear and unambiguous proof that the signatures on the petition are valid will provide a solid base for what will follow and help to protect the process from any potential legal challenge in the future.  Mr Howell and his team will carry out this exercise as quickly as possible and will try to make it as easy for everyone to verify their signatures as they can.  He will take independent decisions based on appropriate legal advice and will also have access to advice from the UK’s Electoral Commission going forward.  My office and I will help to oversee the process and ensure there is no interference in the important task that Mr Howell is undertaking.  We now need to let him get on with the task and respect his independence.”      




Elections Office Receives People Initiated Referendum Petition



The Cayman Islands Elections Office met with the Cruise Port Referendum group yesterday (Wednesday, 12 June 2019 ) to officially accept the People Initiated Referendum petition signatures. Elections Office Staff Meet with Cruise Port Referendum Group Members

 The handover took place at 2 p.m. outside of the Election Office.

            Elections Office Supervisor, Wesley Howell, along with Deputy Supervisors Suzanne Bothwell and Sheena Glasgow, were given the documents by leaders with the Cruise Port Referendum group. Head of the Governor’s Office, Matthew Forbes, was also present to accept a copy of the documents on behalf of the Governor.

The Elections Office staff will now analyse and collate the names of petitions and conduct an independent verification of the document’s signatures.

           The door to door process will commence in approximately two weeks, however, persons are able to immediately visit the Elections Office to complete the verification process during regular office hours.

Over the next two weeks, the Elections Office will review the petition and organise the signatures based on districts and households; as well as ensure on boarded staff members are adequately trained to carry out the official process.

Various methods will be used to confirm that the level of signatures meets or exceeds the required 25% (5,289) of persons registered as electors (21,155) in accordance with section 90 of the constitution.

Pursuant to the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009, the first step in the verification process is to ensure the provided referendum signatures correspond with the current electoral register.

Manual checks with petitioners will also be conducted by Elections Office officials to ensure signature validity.

As part of the aim to ensure the procedure is as fair, transparent and efficient as possible, relevant persons are encouraged to contact the Elections Office to assist in the verification of the signatures.

Elections Office Supervisor, Wesley Howell, officially accept the People Initiated Referendum petition from Cruise Port Referendum group member, Michelle LockwoodPetition signers visit the Elections Office during regular office hours with their voter ID card or any other form of official identification, to verify in person to confirm their signature. Extended opening hours will be announced later.

Elections Office staff members will also make themselves available at various public locations throughout the Island. Details around this will be made public once finalised.

Mr. Wesley Howell strongly urges all electors who signed the petition to ensure their correct place of residence is registered with the Elections Office.

“Under the law, all persons must maintain updated registration details with the Elections Office,” he explained. “With this referendum process, and an upcoming election year, it is vital that these details are kept accurate.”

Mr. Howell concluded: “As we move forward, the Elections Office is fully committed to ensuring this process is as fair, accurate and transparent as possible. We will work expeditiously to conclude this verification process.”



The Elections Office is located on the second floor of Smith Road Centre in George Town, and can be contacted at (345) 949-8047 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Polling Stations Listed



The Elections Office has announced where polling stations will be located in the 19 electoral districts in the upcoming general elections.

Officials stated that polling stations would be open for voting from 7.00am-6.00pm. 
They also reminded potential voters that cell phones, cameras, iPads, or any other equipment which might digitally capture images, or make audio recordings, will not be allowed inside the polling stations. 
Persons with questions should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call telephone 949-8047.

Single Member Electoral District

General Election Polling Location

West Bay North

First Assembly of God Church Hall

100 Finch Drive, West Bay

West Bay West

Sir John A Cumber Primary School, 36 Fountain Rd, West Bay

West Bay Central

Ed Bush Sport Field & Conf. Room

90 Stadium Drive, West Bay

West Bay South

John Gray Memorial United Church Hall

26 West Church Street, West Bay

George Town North

George Town Primary School,

179 School Rd, George Town

George Town Central

George Town - Town Hall,

43 Fort St, George Town

George Town West

Cayman Prep School,

242 Smith Road, George Town

George Town South

John Gray High School,

73 Academy Way, George Town

George Town East

First Baptist Church Hall,

920A Crewe Rd, George Town

Red Bay

Red Bay Primary School,

271 Shamrock Rd, George Town


Prospect Primary School,

169 Poindexter Rd, George Town


Savannah Primary School,

1659 Shamrock Rd, Bodden Town


International College of the Cayman Islands,

595 Hirst Rd, Bodden Town

Bodden Town West

Agricultural Grounds Pavilion,

199 Lottery Rd, Bodden Town

Bodden Town East

Bodden Town Primary School,

64 Condor Rd, Bodden Town

North Side

Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre,

923 North Side Rd

East End

William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre

80 John McLean Drive

Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman

West End Primary School

10 Cotton Tree Bay Rd,

Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac East

Creek Primary School,

28 Student Drive

Notice of Claims and Objections



Notice of Claims and Objections