2021 General Election Programme







Sun, 14-Feb-2021

Dissolution of Parliament

 Cayman Islands Constitution Order (2009) s.84(2)(3)

Sun, 14-Feb-2021

Proclamation declaring General Elections

 Cayman Islands Constitution Order (2009) s.86(1)

Mon, 15-Feb-2021

Issuing of Writs (Form 16)

Elections Act (2021) s.28(1) (2) , Cayman Islands
Constitutional Order (2009) s.90 (1) (c)

Mon, 22-Feb-2021

Notice of Nominations (Form 17)

Elections Act s.29(1)

Mon, 01-Mar-2021

Nomination Day

 Elections Act (2021) s. 29

Thur, 04-Mar-2021

Notice of Contested Elections (Form 20)

Elections Act (2021) s.34 (1)(2)(3)

Wed, 14-Apr-2021

Elections Day

 Elections Act (2021) s.34(1)

Mon, 19-Apr-2021

Election Writ Returns to H.E. The Governor

 Elections Act (2021) s.61(3)

Wed, 19-May-2021

Candidate Elections Expense Returns Due

Elections Act (2021) s.69(1)

Sat, 29-May-2021

Publication of Candidate Expense Summary

Elections Act (2021) s.69(3)


 2021 General Election Programme (PDF)



His Excellency, Martyn Roper                         

Governor of the Cayman Islands