Cruise Port Referendum  Signature Verification - Final Figures


Cruise Port Referendum Signature Verification Countdown
# of Elector Signatures submitted for Verification* # of verification forms received # of signatures remaining to be verified

# of verification forms remaining to reach 5,292**

% of the required 5,292** signatures received

Date & Time of Last Update






Sept 11,4PM

* 5,438 submitted June 12th + 199 Jul 11th + 26 Aug 5th + 78 Aug 15th + 54 Aug 28th + 33 Sept 6th + 21 Sept 7th + 13 Sept 8th

** Constitutionally required 25% of the 21,116 registered electors = 5,292



Updated Figures and Summary Submissions



As the verification process on the cruise port referendum petition signatures moves forward, the Elections Office would like to inform the public on its current progress.

As of 9 a.m. today (Tuesday, 30 July 2019), the Elections Office reports a total of 3,705 petition signatures have been confirmed, out of a total submission of 5,637 petition signatures to be verified.

Through the collection of signature verification forms, officials have now reviewed 70% required to meet the constitutional requirement of 25% of registered voters (5,292 signatures). Officials confirm that 76 petitioners have declined to sign the official verification forms.

The Elections Office continues to accept petition signatures submitted by the CPR group and is in some cases receiving verification forms in advance of the next CPR submission. In the later cases, persons have stated that they recently signed the petition and have asked for their signatures to be verified at the Elections Office or at our local supermarket verification booths, in advance of the CPR submitting the signatures for verification.

With each submission, the CPR group has reported and the Elections Office has confirmed a number of signatures that were excluded from verification. These excluded signatures are not included in submitted totals or verified totals. The following is a summary of the two CPR submissions:


  • On 12 June 2019
    • 6,053 signatures were delivered by the CPR group during the official handover
    • 241 of those signatures, the CPR reported as being multiple submissions (persons signing more than once)
    • 374 signatures, the CPR reported as not corresponding with the current electoral register (signatures from non-voters)
    • 5,438 - the total signatures submitted by the CPR for verification.


  • On 11 July 2019
    • 229 signatures were handed over by the CPR group
    • 16 of those signatures were reported to be multiple submissions
    • 14 of the signatures were reported as corresponding with the current electoral register
    • 199 - the total signatures submitted by the CPR for verification.


Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Wesley Howell, notes: “With each of the submissions, the CPR performed its own assessment on its petition signatures to help in ensuring validity of the process; and the CPR team worked to eliminate the names of non-voters, in keeping with section 70 of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009.

“I would like to thank the CPR team for their continued support in helping to expedite the verification process.”

The Elections Office continues to provide weekly progress reports to His Excellency the Governor, Mr Martyn Roper. The summary facts are then shared with Cabinet members.

Officials will continue with its various verification methods to review the 1,932 signatures currently remaining to be verified.

In order to meet the constitutional requirement with 25% of the 21,116 registered electors, a total of 1,587 verification forms still need to be confirmed.

For more information on the verification process and details on how interested persons can verify their signature today, please visit



Elections Office Begins Door to Door Verification


The Elections Office today (Friday, 28 June 2019) began door-to-door verification of signatures on the cruise port referendum petition, in the districts of North Side and East End.
Elections Office staff are identifiable by their Elections Office shirts and ID Cards. While verifying signatures, staff will also have change of detail forms for registered voters who have changed names or addresses but have yet to notify the Elections Office.
Verifiers are expected to begin going door-to-door in Bodden Town next Friday, 5 July and the Elections Office will keep the public informed as the process moves to other districts.

Officials remind the public that the deadline to register for the next publication of the Official Register of Electors is 8pm on Tuesday, 2 July. In addition the office will open tomorrow (Saturday, 29 June) between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Smith Road Centre for verification of signatures on the petition or for registration purposes.

Persons with questions should contact the Elections Office at 949-8047.




Elections Office Launches Web Ticker



As part of its objective to ensure a transparent and efficient verification process, the Elections Office has launched a web ticker so interested persons are able to track the ongoing progress.

The web ticker will provide the public with regular updates as Elections Office officials continue to verify the signatures on the provided cruise port referendum petition.

The new website plugin will include the number of verification forms that have been received, the number outstanding, as well as an overall percentage of the signatures confirmed out of the 5,438 that have been submitted thus far.

For more information please visit the Elections Office website at






Governor’s Statement on Cruise Port Petition Verification

20 June 2019


Issued by: Governor’s Office

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


His Excellency The Governor, Martyn Roper OBE has issued the following statement concerning the process to verify the signatures on the cruise port petition:


 “I am aware of the concerns that have been expressed about the comprehensive process being followed to verify the signatures on the petition which was presented to the Elections Commissioner by Cruise Port Referendum Cayman (CPR Cayman).  I can assure everyone that Cabinet has no role whatsoever in the verification process, which remains the sole responsibility of Mr Howell, who reports to me and in whom I have full confidence.  This is the first time in Cayman’s history that we have been on the verge of a People’s Initiated Referendum.  We need to ensure that we get the process right.  There can be no shortcuts to democracy. To provide clear and unambiguous proof that the signatures on the petition are valid will provide a solid base for what will follow and help to protect the process from any potential legal challenge in the future.  Mr Howell and his team will carry out this exercise as quickly as possible and will try to make it as easy for everyone to verify their signatures as they can.  He will take independent decisions based on appropriate legal advice and will also have access to advice from the UK’s Electoral Commission going forward.  My office and I will help to oversee the process and ensure there is no interference in the important task that Mr Howell is undertaking.  We now need to let him get on with the task and respect his independence.”