Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can a candidate be nominated in more than once single-member Electoral District?

Answer: No. A Candidate can be nominated in one single member district only


Question: How many candidates can I vote for in the next General Elections?

Answer: One candidate only. Each voter can vote for only one candidate in the single member electoral district for which the voter is registered.


Question: What happens if I mark more than one candidate on my ballot paper?

Answer: Your ballot will be spoilt. Your vote will not count.


Question: How do I register to vote?

Answer: You can download the form from here or bring your passport and birth certificate to the Elections office at the Smith Road Centre. You can also contact your Registering Officer.


Question: If I am already registered to vote, do I need to re-register before each election? 

Answer: No. But you are advised to check the register periodically to confirm your correct name, occupation and residential street address appears.


Question: How do I verify that I am registered to vote? 

Answer: By checking the Official List of Electors. This may be reviewed at Post Offices on all three islands or online here.


Question: Why should I update my name, occupation or residential address on the Register of Electors?

Answer:It is a legal requirement to update your details in the list of electors within three months of the change.


Question: What happens if I do not update my residential address on the Register of Electors?

Answer: By law you are required to provide the Registering Officer with your accurate residential street address. If it has changed, and you have not updated your address within 3 months, an objection may be made and a Magistrate will decide in which Electoral District you are allowed to vote. Registering Officers will be checking ALL residential addresses of Electors for accuracy in time for the 2017 Elections. Please Update your Information now!


Question: What is the deadline for registering to vote in the 2017 General Elections?

Answer: 31 December 2016 is the standard close for Registration for the Official Register of Electors that will be used in the 2017 General Election.


Question: Where do I go to vote on Elections Day?

Answer: Your polling station will be announced in December 2016 when the Writs are issued.


Question: Am I eligible to vote by postal ballot?

Answer: If you are off-island on elections Day for any reason whatsoever, you may apply for a postal ballot using Form B. Postal ballots will only be issued after Nominations Day.


Question: Do I qualify for Mobile Voting?

Answer: It depends. Mobile voting is only available in special cases, i.e. if you are blind, incapacitated, reside in a rest home, or are hospitalized on Elections Day. See our website for more information or contact our office.