Qualification of Agents


A candidate may, at any time after being nominated but at least ten days before the commencement of the poll, appoint:

(a)     two polling agents to attend a polling station; and
(b)     two counting agents to attend at the counting of the votes at each counting station,

Poling agents are to be persons who are entitled to vote in the same electoral district as that in which the candidate has been nominated.

An agent may be appointed on behalf of more than one candidate and a person may be appointed both as a polling agent and a counting agent.

Every appointment of an agent shall be in writing and shall state the name and street address of the person appointed and the electoral district in which he is registered as an elector, and shall be duly signed by the candidate and given to the returning officer.

The agent of each candidate, on being admitted to the polling station, shall take an oath in Form 25 to keep secret the name of the candidate for whom any of the electors has marked the ballot paper in that agents presence.



 Appointment of Election Agent of a Candidate for General Election 2021


 FORM 25 - Appointment of Agent of a Candidate for General Election 2021