Elections Advertising


No political broadcast, election advertising or political announcement is permitted on a polling day.


A political broadcast or political announcement shall not include – 

a.    any matter in contravention of the Laws of the Islands;
b.    any abusive comment upon any race or religion;
c.    any blasphemous, obscene, indecent or profane matter;
d.    any scandalous or defamatory matter;
e.    any scenes of nudity, eroticism, crime or violence;
f.    any scenes or sounds of private grief or human suffering; or
g.    any harrowing sights or sounds.


Political advertisements, broadcasts or announcements, must include:

(a) the name of the political party or candidate (as the case may be) responsible for the broadcast or announcement; and
(b) the fact that the broadcast or announcement has been paid for.

A political party or a candidate may advertise the broadcasting of a programme under this Part within the period commencing at the pre-recording of the programme and ending at the broadcasting of such programme.
Contravention of this Elections Advertising/Broadcasting provisions are illegal.  Please refer to part IV of the Elections Act for the full provision.